Ww had a rough storm with 60+ MPH winds and large hail last evening. Just prior to that I spotted a Yellow Throated Vireo down near the river. He was alone but responded to whispering call out to curiosity Tis was around 3 PM, see last photo at 5 PM Sunday 4/19/2015.

IMG_8154 IMG_8162 IMG_8163 IMG_8165 IMG_8156

Weather at 5PM yesterday

Weather at 5PM yesterday

Just took these pictures this morning; a series if 97 photos (all fairly good); I’ll include 2:



The Ruby Throat Hummingbirds returned here, (SW of Parthenon) one day later than last year.

April 2  —  1 male

April 4  —  2 males

April 8  —  2 males

April 10 —  3 males and 1 female

April 15 — 6 males and 2 females

April 17 — 10+ males and several more females

IMG_8194 IMG_8180 IMG_8185 IMG_8187

Saw these on Moss Mountain this morning; they are beautiful:

FullSizeRender 2 IMG_0892 FullSizeRender

Redbud in bloom and dogwood is very close:


It is Arkansas, driving down AR 374 to the Vendor Valley about 7 miles East of Parthenon. Additionally had first hummingbird 0f 2`015 here in the mountains; had first Purple Martin Scout on 4/3/2015:

Vendor Valley

Vendor Valley

I added one new Bluebird House (and retired one) to my trail this spring. The Bluebirds started checking out the new house today in the stages to breeding; the wing wave. The male found the house and brought the female to it. She looked it over real thoroughly (inside and out); then the wing wave that signals mating is near and nest building will happen that same day (the new treated post is straight, camera crooked), Taken from 150′ with a Canon 50D and an EF400L f/5.6:









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