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The storm center passed right over this Arkansas County; Newton. We first received, as posted yesterday, almost 3″ of rain; then it starting around noon to a quick changeover; it began first a higher elevations of the Boston Mountains and finally down to ~1000 feet.  It was a wet snow with big flakes but was first we got an hour of ice and sleet. I drove out this morning around 8 AM to get a few photos, using a Canon 1DS Mark III Full Frame and a 17-40 Canon f/4 at f/4 zoom:









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Alum Cove is a Natural Bridge about 2/3 of the way between Parthenon and Deer in Newton County off Highway 327, AR; about 6 miles south of my home. I made a few daytime trips there last October but never really caught the colors changing the way I have seen them there before. The Natural Bridge is on upper Shop Creek about 7 river miles above Parthenon.

It is well worth the time to view this natural wonder. Bears can be an issue, so you need to check the Arkansas Fish and Game and US Forest Service bulletins. It is an easy hike around a picturesque valley with the Natural Bridge and blued with caves across the Shop Creek valley but there are plenty of places to slip, loose your footing and fall – so use caution hiking; all in all it is about 1.5 miles round trip by a well marked loop.






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Looking up the Buffalo River Valley on New Years Eve, I could see the remnants of the heavy morning fog, stuck to all the trees as ice:


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We got about and inch of ice and sleet and about 2-3 inches of snow last night and Sunday and it was 6F this morning. Maybe more in higher elevations. I loved the thunder all afternoon Sunday.

Another look back to late December 2013 on a near 60 degree day:





The following are from Ozark Campground gravel bar across from the Bluff:



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We had nearly 2.5 inches of rain on December 20 thru 21, 2013. I drove to Steel Creek and to Ponca on that day and took a few photos with a point and shoot Canon G15. There were quite a few pour-offs flowing off Roark Bluff, and it only got heavier. The Ponca Bridge is the last photo.









Ponca Low water bridge

Ponca Low water bridge

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Went into Jasper this morning; saw 2 mature Bald Eagles and a Roadrunner. The Eagles were at the Shop Creek crossing of Highway 327, and the Roadrunner was closer to Jasper. Woke up to 19F this morning on its way to 55-60 (maybe); forecast changed for cooler weather.


Not long after I posted the bluebird houses on my trail yesterday, I did get photos of the male in a pair looking into the house under a big Sweet Gum Tree.  Only one photo was clear. The picture was taken with a Canon 50D with a Canon 400mm Lens:



Also there was a nice sunset on a clear cold evening in NW Arkansas:



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I noticed several Carolina Wrens calling this morning very early and a few Chickadees “feeee-beee” calls, along with the “peter peter peter” of the Tufted Titmouse. I have not noticed and paring up yet, but that IS A VERY EARLY spring sign. This photo was taken by me last February 17th using a Canon 7D with a Canon EF300L – f/2.8 IS.


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Its been a tough winter for Arkansas and the eastern US also. Seems like the storms are moving from west to east every 2-3 days. We’ve had a few beautiful days near 70F since December 1, but the cold has been predominant.


IMG_4542z IMG_4601



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I saw an eagle landing on a tree next to the Little Buffalo River near Parthenon. They are both long shots with a Canon 1D M3 and a Canon 400 DO/IS Lens:


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WOW, reached 17F as a low this morning. Last week I took a photo of one (of many) Elk harem over near Ponca. There appears to be 2 bulls in this photo but the one on the left is a “satellite” bull OR a younger bull that has not challenged the harem owner (dominant Bull Elk, to the right) to a duel or did challenge him, and LOST BIG. He will hang near the harem for the entire winter and learn. Notice the maple and beech trees still show their color.


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