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On Wednesday, in the early morning, I walked up Clark Creek to the natural bridge at Lost Valley. What a beautiful morning with a few Service Berry, and Shadbush (Popcorn) trees busting out in bloom. Some clear water flowing to the point where it usually goes underground in the Clark Creek creek-bed. Temperatures were in the 60s and sunny.

By 4 PM Severe Thunderstorms broke out in multiple lines. We had 7 Severe thunderstorm warnings that afternoon and evening. The first was at 4:30 PM and the last at 3 AM the next day, Thursday. WOW, how lucky I was not to received any major damage !


9:40 AM - Clark Creek

9:40 AM – Clark Creek

4:40 PM - Front Yard

4:40 PM – Front Yard

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I made a trip out after a few showery days. It was very foggy and 39F this morning; but, was 56F by 9 AM. Drove to the Triple Falls (actually called Double Falls) at Camp Orr on the Buffalo River; across a field. Lots of early wildflowers in bloom or getting ready to bloom soon.

The water was not high in the falls; about normal. The falls is fed by two creeks; one called Shop Creek and the other is unnamed and is about 40 feet tall. This is not the Shop Creek that flows from Alum Natural Bridge to the Little Buffalo. I did not know what to expect after the rains – but they did not total that much in the end.

I saw Bloodroot, Anemones, Toothwort, a very few opened Trout Lilies (Dog Toothed Violets – But all that were opened were the early Yellow variety), Spring Beauties, Bluets, Harbinger, and Johnny Jump Ups. Some in great numbers. No Trilliums yet. It will peak from a wildflower perspective in the next 10 days. This is a warmer sheltered and damp area.















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Had spring in February, as usual, (Daffodils, Crocus, Bluets, Johnny Jump Ups, Harbinger, etc.) – we had extremely high pollen counts due to trees; then 20 days of very cold weather including a record low of 2F (breaking the old record by 20 degrees) lots of ice and snow – did I mention ICE and ICE ! A major kill off of everything took place. Last week we started again only this time the grasses are pollenating and both categories are very high to extreme. I have been miserable for 5 days; actually glad to see the rain today (3/18) and tomorrow (3/19).

Did you ever notice that when you see large clumps of daffodils blooming and not a house in sight, that that might have been an old settlers cabin; long gone ?!? I stopped at 3 clumps  yesterday and saw a old rock foundation near every group of daffodils. Cool.

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Snows on Mt. Judea, Moss, Round-top, Reynolds, and Sherman mountains are melting fast (55F) bringing up the Little Buffalo quickly:


Parthenon side of Round Top Moutain

Parthenon side of Round Top Moutain

Little Buffalo at Will Jones Ford

Little Buffalo at Will Jones Ford

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A few photos from this morning of the results of yesterday and last nights ice sand snow storm; same location as before in the Murray Valley Only this Redtail hawk was moving and missed whatever prey he was after because of the camera click:







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Must be Spring in NW Arkansas !!! Snow and ice overnight; snow and sleet now and more ice tomorrow, thunderstorms Monday. I cannot get out, due to slick steep mountains roads and Im dying to get over the the Buffalo River to take some photos. Photo from front yard:


the photo below was tasked two days ago (2/26 at dusk); above at 1:30 PM 2/28/15


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Oh I wish it was like this NOW. This cold, ice, and snow snap has got me down. We will fall to 5F tonight and rise to 25F tomorrow; then ice forecast for Saturday:


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