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This cute pair of Carolina Chickadees has been searching for the perfect spot to nest; they found it !!  They are cleaning the debris out of a hole in a sassafras tree about seven feet off the ground and haven begun defending it profusely from a pair of Downey Woodpeckers; possibly last years residents:

Taken with a 5DM2 and a 400 DO IS f/4 with a 1.4 TCIII = 560mm f/5.6.

Chips on bill

feels like home

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Taken on February 20th, on my way to St. Louis, I drove a different route home.  Bull Shoals Lake about 80 miles NE of Parthenon. It was a frigid windy morning just after sunrise.


Bull Shoals Lake

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The Beech trees still have orange leaves in the first week of March; the river is a a fairly LOW spring level. Time to get a boat out !!!

Little Buffalo River

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This photo was taken of Murray Road near the Little Buffalo River last week. They are spectacular to watch; the white on their wings is especially noticeable when the fly; much like an Ivory-bill woodpecker would look only 5 times smaller.

Cool Facts about redheaded woodpeckers:

  • The Red-headed Woodpecker is one of only four woodpeckers known to store food, and it is the only one known to cover the stored food with wood or bark. It hides insects and seeds in cracks in wood, under bark, in fence posts, and under roof shingles. Grasshoppers are regularly stored alive, but wedged into crevices so tightly that they cannot escape.
  • In addition to attacking other birds to keep them out of its territory, the Red-headed Woodpecker is also known to remove the eggs of other species from nests and nest boxes, destroy nests, and even to enter duck-nesting boxes and puncture the duck eggs.
  • The Red-headed Woodpecker benefited from the chestnut blight and Dutch elm disease. The devastating tree diseases killed many trees and provided nest sites for the woodpeckers.

Redheaded Woodpecker

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Not the greatest shot; the hawk was at least 100 yards away.  It was a “white phase” Red-tail Hawk on CR 20 near Parthenon, Arkansas:

Red Tail Hawk; white phase

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What a pretty wild bird !!!!! I just hope he did not come north too early !!

early Orchard Oriole

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