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This coyote was strolling through my backyard last Thursday. He seems focused on the area where I feed birds and deer but near the tree line. I saw him three times in two days. He has found a supply of mice feeding on the corn and birdseed on the ground.



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Last Thursday, I was driving down to the cutoff road in Murray that goes up a long steep grade to CR24 on Shiloh Mountain; just as I made a right turn onto the cutoff road, know locally as “the Slide”, a Roadrunner crossed the road in from of me. This is about the 12th Ive seen in this part of Newton County. ¬†Instead of disappearing, he jumped up on the branch of a bush and ducked under cover. I waited with the window down and a my Canon 400 DO IS lens on my 7D for 5-10 minutes for him to reappear and jump back on the ground; got a few pictures of him; this was the best one. I also saw a Bobcat on the Slide, 15 minutes later; and earlier that same day saw a coyote in my back yard:

Murray Valley Roadrunner

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just after a shower pulled out in the Vendor valley:

Boston Mountain sunset

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On the bench, where my home is sandwiched between Reynolds Mountain to the north and Henderson Mountain to the east and south, the bluebirds have begin nesting season this past week. They are actively bringing nesting material to 3 of my 4 bluebird houses; and, they appear to be three different pairs, so far as I can tell. They packed the houses with grass this winter for roosting; so I removed it about 3 weeks ago. Now, they are building nests. I have examined each house and the nests looks well made. One male Bluebird has learned a trick from the Cardinals playbook and attacks his image every morning on the living room window; the singing continues all day now. Confrontations between males has also begun. The temperatures were in the 60’s and 70’s all week.

Bluebird March 1, 2012

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Stopped by the old mill pond and Boxley in the upper Buffalo River valley at 4 PM on March 2 and these little frogs were so loud they actually got my ears ringing. This to me, has always been a sure sign that spring has started. Took a picture of the pond and on Spring Peeper frog:

Boxley Mill Pond with a strong west wind

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Its’ cooling off fast tonight. It reached into the mid-70’s by late morning. By afternoon the cool air started to lay in. Only a sprinkle of rain overnight (0.07 inches). The trees are were really starting to bud out or bloom. Peaches are blossomed out beautifully today as are pears, some apples, and the popcorn trees are popping out.

This afternoon I drove over towards Lost Valley. I sopped at the stately old mansion west of Beechwood on State 43, at the old cabin on the Lost Valley road, The Beechwood Church, and admired the sunset on this hazy cool March 2nd., then stopped at Low Gap Cafe for a fish sandwich and onion soup for dinner; that was excellent !!!::

old homestead

Beechwood Valley

Beechwood Church

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A few pictures of a very handsome bird in my back yard and a little further down Murray Road. They are common in NW Arkansas but very shy and hard to see. During nesting season you can hear them calling out “Drink Your Tea, Drink Your Tea” repeatedly. I really love this bird; which is really a large Sparrow:

Eastern Towhee

Eastern Towhee on Murray Rd

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