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If you have not eaten there, you need to try it !  Nick is building a 60 seat expansion area with a view of the side of Kilgore Mountain. I ate lunch there today and it really looks nice.:


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Taken this morning at 9:30 AM (everything is green for late July):





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Thanks to everyone who checks in or reads my Blog weekly. I really enjoy journaling natural events here in the mountains. Today, the final day of July, I woke up several times overnight to lightening and thunder but did not get a drop of rain. The evening batch went north near Alpena and finally through Harrison. The early morning batch went just south trough Edwards Junction and Deer and on southward. But at 4 PM, as I am writing this entry, it is thundering again, so, we’ll see.

A mother Doe and her fawn were grazing the the side yard early this morning and I surprised them with my camera; it’s the first time I have seen the fawn take off running “full steam” with long  jumps. Not the best photos but it was early and there was not much light to work with:




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If you don’t have to get up and go. We got 0.20 since midnight and supposedly more on the way too. Barely hear a bird in the early morning anymore. Their nesting season is drawing to a close for 2013.

Yesterday, I drove to Dixon Ford on the Buffalo River; it is 22 miles above Boxley and just downstream from the two forks that  make it the Buffalo River. It was not dry as I expected, but very low. On the way back I drove up AR 16 to AR 21 to AR 43 and stopped along the Boxley valley\y in several locations. It was a beautiful summer day. I got a photo of a White Winged crow and several Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. The first I have seen a white winged crow since last September. They are  “leucistic”, partially albino. Ive got lots to do today, hope the rain stops for a while.



Dixon Ford on the Buffalo

Dixon Ford on the Buffalo

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Last evening I took this photo of two nervous and curious bucks:



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Just a photograph of a beautiful summer sunset from AR 327:



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We got 0.86 on Friday 7/26. That added to the 2 inches during the past 6 days makes 3 inches. Everything is turning back to green and that means more mowing. This rain this past week was a God send because we were entering into another drought. Now, the BURN BAN is OFF and things are back to normal.

During the evening rain last night a saw an eight point buck in the front yard, went in got my Canon 50D with a 400 f 5.6 Lens on it, went back out to photograph him just before he took off (these are closeups within 100 yards) in very poor light:



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