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This morning I went out to the back shed. I always carry my birding camera. First thing i noticed was 2 small yellow birds high up in and walnut tree. There is an old Elm tree next to it. I made a “pishing” sound and they immediately came down to investigate. While the male watched me from 20 feet in the air the female seemed contented to glean insects form lower Elm leaves. They watched me for about 20 minutes.

The Parula is a small warbler of the upper tree canopy, the Northern Parula can be found in two rather distinct populations. The southern population nests primarily in hanging Spanish moss, while the northern population uses the similar-looking beard lichen. These are tropical birds from South and Central America that migrate up to Arkansas and Missouri to breed.

Adult Description

Vey small songbird.
Blue-gray hood and wings.
Yellow chest with black and reddish band across it.
White crescents above and below eyes.
Green back.
Two white wingbars.
Immature Description
Similar to female, but more green on upperparts.

The first 4 photos are of the Female and the second 4 of the male with his maroon-chestnut bib:

















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After a day of severe storms, we had a clear breezy and cooler day (68F). In tyne evening we got a few light wrap-around thundershowers from the big storm in progress in the midwest and south. It look fiery, just a tornados were ravaging our sister state, Mississippi.




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After the storms yesterday, which, by the way only dropped only 0.81 inches of rain, I took thee camera out and down the the waters edge on the Little Buffalo River. There I found a red-eyed vireo and a male Wood Duck; both have startling red eyes. The water color turned from normal clear aquamarine color, to a deep green, due to the rain:






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Terrible destruction just south of me near I-40 !  I was very lucky to get off easy with this weather system. There was a confirmed tornado about 15 miles SE of me near Lurton, AR. The storm that produced that tornado came thru about 11 PM last night. I was asleep and the storm really caught me by surprise. It was not a quick T-Storm; the wind and lightning lasted a full 20 minutes. Many things have been rearranged in my yard.

In all, total we had 6 rounds of thunderstorms starting early on Sunday. Here is a photo, from my driveway, of the turbulent, rolling, heavy skies during the storm a 12:30 PM, the dew point hovered around 65F-70F all day long:



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Just a few photos from April 19, 2014. Double falls is a misnomer since there are usually three (3) pour-offs after a rain. The rains an inch 2 days prior to this hike. The hike is only 1/4 miles from the parking area, and if you also take to loop to the top of the falls, that adds about 1/2 mile. So the total hike from the parking lot is about a mile, exploring added in. It is a beautiful spot ! Lots of wildflowers earlier than in the surrounding countryside. Pictured are Royal Catchfly, and Jack in the Pulpit. Also, Trilliums abound.  Taken by my sister with a Canon point and shoot.








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This pair of Blue Gray Gnatcatchers nesting about 40′ above the ground; taken with a Canon 50D with a Canon EF 400L f/5.6 at 5.6:








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While photographing the Vireos today I was able to spot and photograph a Kentucky Warbler, the first this year. The warblers have really been moving in quickly and thanks to the late green-up, I am able to see warblers that would otherwise be invisible:








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