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Just a photo of a  “double take”  from yesterday near Parthenon, Arkansas:



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Another first for me yesterday morning in Parthenon, Arkansas; a Bay Breasted Warbler in Arkansas. I never saw one before; ever ! This guy was working semi-ripe Paw Paw trees; not sure if he was after the fruit or the insects feeding on the fruit.









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Over near the Ponca Arkansas low water bridge over the Buffalo River, there is a family of crows that always contains a couple to White Winged crows that have Leucism. Leucism (occasionally spelled leukism) is a general term for the phenotype resulting from defects in pigment cell differentiation and/or migration from the neural crest to skin, hair, or feathers during development. This results in either the entire surface (if all pigment cells fail to develop) or patches of body surface (if only a subset are defective) having a lack of cells capable of making pigment.

These birds are hard to find and photograph; although I did get a parting photograph of the individual with a Canon 7D and a Canon EF 300L f/2.8 IS lens:




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It is very rare to see a Rufous Hummingbird here in Arkansas. The last one I saw and also photographed was two years and one month ago. This mature adult male came in on Tuesday and I have seen him at the feeder about 2 dozen times since. I have not seen him this morning though so far. He is larger than Ruby Throat hummingbirds and much more aggressive. They are a “sight to see” but I’m sure the western US birders would love to see a Ruby Throat, too. I have about one hundred hummingbirds at four feeders and Im sure that is the attraction. I understand, but have not seen these “out of range” hummingbirds as late a December here in Arkansas.

I am rebuilding a deck that I fell through in June, and he has found a lookout from which to chase others on a new post. Taken up close with a Canon 1DS Mark III and a Canon EF300L f/4.0 IS lens @ 1/2000 of a second, coming very close (within 10 feet) to me:


Male Rufous Hummingbird

Male Rufous Hummingbird



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The deer were out grazing and active last evening. It was warm and I had the sprinkler on; they were first curious about it and then got closer and closer to be sprayed and try to  drink. There was one large buck and 3 does and a fawn. I caught one doe making a 25-30+ foot leap and landing across the driveway, using a Canon 1DS with Canon EF 600L f/4.0 IS lens.







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I took this photo yesterday morning from the northern Boston Mountains looking north-east toward the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri. The heralding of a hot day to come.



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Just a photo of what I think is one of our most handsome wild birds taken across Murray Road. As always singing “Drink your Tea” very loudly:



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