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Must be Spring in NW Arkansas !!! Snow and ice overnight; snow and sleet now and more ice tomorrow, thunderstorms Monday. I cannot get out, due to slick steep mountains roads and Im dying to get over the the Buffalo River to take some photos. Photo from front yard:


the photo below was tasked two days ago (2/26 at dusk); above at 1:30 PM 2/28/15


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Oh I wish it was like this NOW. This cold, ice, and snow snap has got me down. We will fall to 5F tonight and rise to 25F tomorrow; then ice forecast for Saturday:


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I was so shocked at the grass color just as the sun set over Shiloh Mountain (SW of me) last evening 2/25; those are the peaks of Taylor Mountain to the South.



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Just spotted him a 1 PM today today, February 24th is huge 4-5 foot diameter oak tree in the back yard. He was busy watching the songbirds feed at the 3 feeders I keep filled back there. Suddenly, he lurched off the tree and was hot on the pursuit of a American Goldfinch that he barely missed. I believe it was a Cooper’s Hawk based on visuals. Both Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks are small, fast, hawks with long tails. As raptors then tend to find spots with lots of bird activity and hang out there:







Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.28.00 PM

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I love the Boxley Pond !! …….. but it sure needs work. Went back today, a week later and did not see any more Mergansers but saw a few pairs of beautiful Wood Ducks (male pictured). It reached near 50 today and finally the ice is gone !



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Not a common duck to see (at least to me) on Boxley Pond last Saturday. Since last Saturday, it’s been so cold all week and I struggled to town on Wednesday. The ice was melted on Highway 327, but up at higher altitudes, like climbing out of my place, it was very icy. I am also including a photo from AR 327:




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Carolina Wren in the sleet this morning and a photo of the Murray Valley at 5 PM last evening. More ice and sleet on the way tonight, Thursday-Friday and on Sunday; WOW, winter all at once. Only supposed to reach 40F today and its likely I’m stuck here at home a while even with 4WD; deep snow I can deal with – but these roads are narrow, steep, crooked, ands icy:




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