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At the 105 year old Oark (yes Oark, no Z) Country Store on the upper Mulberry River in the southern Boston Mountains, with a decorated Cedar Tree and a beautiful floatable River just downstream at “Wolf Pen” access. Best burgers in Arkansas and beautiful old time atmosphere:










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From a PC from 1966:



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Look at the house supports !


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“Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning, red sky at night, sailors delight”.

Going to get some strong storms in  the next 36 hours.



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What an interesting place !!! Muskrats, Frogs, Beavers, Birds, snakes, etc.








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I purchased this old PC on eBay about a year ago. I shows the old hotel in Jasper, Arkansas. This hotel has situated on the same street (on the corner of Court St. and Spring St.)  that the Movie Theater “Buffalo Theater” and the Chamber of Commerce, and a few other shops sit today. It was supposedly torn down in  1930s.


Scan 2

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This time (at 5 PM) he/she landed in a tree in the backyard and I was able to sneak out the front door and around the house; he saw me as soon as I rounded the house; but, I did get a few capture photos before he was gone:



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Its been a tough winter for Arkansas and the eastern US also. Seems like the storms are moving from west to east every 2-3 days. We’ve had a few beautiful days near 70F since December 1, but the cold has been predominant.


IMG_4542z IMG_4601



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We had a hard freeze this morning in Murray Valley. The temperature fell to 28F at 6 AM. We went into Jasper for breakfast to Sharon K’s on the south side of town on Arkansas Highway 7. Sharon K’s is an old place nicely fixed up, clean, with a great breakfast menu and country friendly service. It’s been in operation since the 1960’s and prior to that, the cafe was located in the old building just north (as seen in the pictures – left); and the current Sharon K’s was the Gas Service Station starting in the 1930’s. Both buildings have antique glass. Stop in next time you are in Jasper.



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A week ago today, a warmer day than today, I took a drive down to Pelsor, Arkansas. Its a short drive from my home. I noticed that the Sand Gap Area (Pelsor, Arkansas) has a new General Store; the Hankins General Store. I believe it is the old Pelsor Post Office. and at one time was the home of Blue Mountain Bakery; now in Jasper on the town square. It is well stocked with goods and they make really nice sandwiches also. Going in was like stepping into the 1950’s for me. There was original hardwood flooring and a pot bellied store for warmth. Deer heads and bear skins hang on wall of the store.

After lunch, I drove over to Ft. Douglas on the Piney River and then took a Forest Service Road south along the river. I spotted a beautiful old home facing the river about a mile south of the Highway 123 river crossing. It must have been quite a mansion in its day; still is to me.


Old mansion on the Piney River

Old mansion on the Piney River


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