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A picture I took 4 years ago during the 2011 — 13 Year Locust Brood emergence in Eastern Missouri; once the Locust emerge they may become the main diet for almost all birds for the summer, as here:



Brood XXIII, the Lower Mississippi Valley brood, will emerge in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana, in the spring of 2015.

The cicada species that will emerge are Magicicada tredecim (Walsh and Riley, 1868); Magicicada neotredecim Marshall and Cooley, 2000; Magicicada tredecassini Alexander and Moore, 1962; and Magicicada tredecula Alexander and Moore, 1962. These periodical cicadas have a 13-year life cycle. The last time they emerged was 2002. According to John Cooley of Magicicada.org, Giant City State Park, Illinois is a good place to observe both M. tredecim and M. neotredecim.

Back in 2002, the emergence began in the last week of April, 2002, and ended the beginning of July. You can read what people said about them back in April, May, and June of 2002.

Here’s where folks reported the cicadas to Cicada Mania in 2002:

Arkansas: Bayou Deview Wildlife Management Area, Poinsett County, Devalls Bluff, Harrisburg, Holland Bottoms, Jacksonville, Jonesboro, Knox Co., Lake Hogue, Lake Poinsett State Park, Little Rock and Wynne.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 1.16.20 PM

Tennessee: Atoka, Benton, Cordova, Henry County, Huntingdon, Jackson, Lavinia, Leach, Lexington, McNeary County, Memphis, Paris, Savannah and Speedwell.

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Carolina Wren in the sleet this morning and a photo of the Murray Valley at 5 PM last evening. More ice and sleet on the way tonight, Thursday-Friday and on Sunday; WOW, winter all at once. Only supposed to reach 40F today and its likely I’m stuck here at home a while even with 4WD; deep snow I can deal with – but these roads are narrow, steep, crooked, ands icy:




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Looking forward to the months to come; thanks for viewing this site !!










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At the 105 year old Oark (yes Oark, no Z) Country Store on the upper Mulberry River in the southern Boston Mountains, with a decorated Cedar Tree and a beautiful floatable River just downstream at “Wolf Pen” access. Best burgers in Arkansas and beautiful old time atmosphere:










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Callie is a 2-3 year old Sheltie. She lives across the street on a horse farm but comes to visit me every time I arrive home. At first I thought she was a small Border Collie because of her habits and herding abilities. As this year passed, I realized she was an outgoing Shetland Sheepdog puppy. She has a Frisbee on my front porch and she will often sneak over and rattle it around on that porch to get my attention. After I go out and through it for her about 10-12 times, she immediately takes it back to the porch and drops it and looks at her water bowl or flips it over if its empty; so I fill it. She may lay down for a while or just leave but comes back almost daily. What a cute puppy.


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From a PC from 1966:



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Newton County and the Buffalo National River Country is a great place to explore and experience Ozark Mountain culture and heritage. This wonderful picture (courtesy of Nina Hayes) is of the Grist Mill in Boxley which will be open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday in October.



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Stop over at Sloans Spring along the Jefferson Highway about one hundred years ago; which I believe was Highway 7 by the 1930’s – Click to enlarge:


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