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Taken with a long lens; thats all I had. This is the smallest yellow-maroon Cypripedium in Arkansas, rarer than the larger cousin:

IMG_1983 IMG_1977 IMG_1994

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I made a trip out after a few showery days. It was very foggy and 39F this morning; but, was 56F by 9 AM. Drove to the Triple Falls (actually called Double Falls) at Camp Orr on the Buffalo River; across a field. Lots of early wildflowers in bloom or getting ready to bloom soon.

The water was not high in the falls; about normal. The falls is fed by two creeks; one called Shop Creek and the other is unnamed and is about 40 feet tall. This is not the Shop Creek that flows from Alum Natural Bridge to the Little Buffalo. I did not know what to expect after the rains – but they did not total that much in the end.

I saw Bloodroot, Anemones, Toothwort, a very few opened Trout Lilies (Dog Toothed Violets – But all that were opened were the early Yellow variety), Spring Beauties, Bluets, Harbinger, and Johnny Jump Ups. Some in great numbers. No Trilliums yet. It will peak from a wildflower perspective in the next 10 days. This is a warmer sheltered and damp area.















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Had spring in February, as usual, (Daffodils, Crocus, Bluets, Johnny Jump Ups, Harbinger, etc.) – we had extremely high pollen counts due to trees; then 20 days of very cold weather including a record low of 2F (breaking the old record by 20 degrees) lots of ice and snow – did I mention ICE and ICE ! A major kill off of everything took place. Last week we started again only this time the grasses are pollenating and both categories are very high to extreme. I have been miserable for 5 days; actually glad to see the rain today (3/18) and tomorrow (3/19).

Did you ever notice that when you see large clumps of daffodils blooming and not a house in sight, that that might have been an old settlers cabin; long gone ?!? I stopped at 3 clumps  yesterday and saw a old rock foundation near every group of daffodils. Cool.

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A Winter Storm watch in effect today, tonight, and tomorrow for Ice and Snow. I probably will not be able to drive the hills until Wednesday. I filled the bird feeders this noon. Raw peanuts, suet, nyjer and sunflower seeds and threw out corn for the deer and elk (oh ! and the crows). Took my camera to the back yard a hour later and got a few photos of a Golden Crowned Kinglet and a pair of tufted titmice, which, along with the chickadees have begun nesting. Also saw and photographed a fleeing Red-headed Woodpecker, and some Bluets starting to bloom.  It was 71F yesterday and have been warmer than usual for weeks.











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It about 50F at lunchtime today. I took a sandwich down to the river for a change. The water is clear and blue and I noticed a forsythia starting to bloom and crocus and daffodils starting to open; lovely. Bluebirds appear paired up and looking to nest soon. May go fishing this afternoon.




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Still 2 weeks away from the official start of autumn ! But a 64F this morning with N Breeze and a sunny and beautiful day, I trekked down to the Little Buffalo River and sat in the shade next to a patch of wildflowers next to the stream and photographed a few juvenile Hummingbirds on some recently emerging Great Blue Lobelia; from there, the day just got more beautiful !! I was then joined by an Eastern Wood PeeWee gleaning aquatic insects from over the flowing water and a beautiful Gulf Fritillary on a white blossom:







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I was taking photos of some Monarchs (which I did see last summer and fall); when the unusual Moth flew in. I have seen them before but never got a good photo of them. The tail is interesting; almost like a crawfish !!





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Weird !  In a year where everything seemed late and then stayed in bloom along time; The highest and coldest areas go the Boston Mountain range some Red-buds are still at peak. Ox-eye daisies usually bloom May 15 – June 1. So this is unusual.


Ox eye Daisy

Ox eye Daisy

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Just a few photos from April 19, 2014. Double falls is a misnomer since there are usually three (3) pour-offs after a rain. The rains an inch 2 days prior to this hike. The hike is only 1/4 miles from the parking area, and if you also take to loop to the top of the falls, that adds about 1/2 mile. So the total hike from the parking lot is about a mile, exploring added in. It is a beautiful spot ! Lots of wildflowers earlier than in the surrounding countryside. Pictured are Royal Catchfly, and Jack in the Pulpit. Also, Trilliums abound.  Taken by my sister with a Canon point and shoot.








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Just a few photos from yesterday (4/23) near Parthenon, Arkansas:





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