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Bobwhite Quail

There are many quail in the valley this year ! This is a huge comeback from last spring/summer – when I rarely saw one and heard only a few all summer. This year, they started calling around April 20th; seems all day every day. So happy to hear them and I see them almost daily too. I do see several every week.

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Much more common in OK and TX and far Western AR, and scarce here are the beautiful Painted Buntings. I saw nesting pair this morning here and was able to take a few photos. They seem to be in semi-dry areas, old fields, along fence rows and frequently occur with Dicsissels, Eastern Kingbirds, Blue Grosbeaks, and Scissor Tail Flycatchers. If you find these birds along a dry road with a fence with brush against the fence posts, you may be able to find a Painted Bunting.

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Look who also found the Red Mulberries; today, A Red-Readed Woodpecker:


Not many ripe Red Mulberries yet, but they seem to find them (Males brighter orange and more black):IMG_8958

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Caught these guys along the Buffalo River near Pruitt.
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Taken with a long lens; thats all I had. This is the smallest yellow-maroon Cypripedium in Arkansas, rarer than the larger cousin:

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We have high cloudiness now; but early after the fog we briefly had filtered sunshine. The place where I usually find nesting warblers is underwater. On the opposite side of the Little Buffalo River the banks are higher and I was able to get 2 fairly good photos of a male Blue Winged Warbler with a EF600L IS f/4.0 Lens on a Canon 7D with and 1.4X Extender; this was a very long shot:

IMG_9685 IMG_9690

First Scarlet Tanager (after 1st pre-molt) that I photographed this year. Its’ a male siting on a branch waiting to get to a spring creek to get a drink of fresh water or to bathe; they are so outstandingly beautiful ! Fire-red and charcoal black: