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Redbud in bloom and dogwood is very close:


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Since this year was not nearly as colorful as last year, here is a reminder of last fall; taken November 3, 2013:







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Looking up the Buffalo River Valley on New Years Eve, I could see the remnants of the heavy morning fog, stuck to all the trees as ice:


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We got about and inch of ice and sleet and about 2-3 inches of snow last night and Sunday and it was 6F this morning. Maybe more in higher elevations. I loved the thunder all afternoon Sunday.

Another look back to late December 2013 on a near 60 degree day:





The following are from Ozark Campground gravel bar across from the Bluff:



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WOW, reached 17F as a low this morning. Last week I took a photo of one (of many) Elk harem over near Ponca. There appears to be 2 bulls in this photo but the one on the left is a “satellite” bull OR a younger bull that has not challenged the harem owner (dominant Bull Elk, to the right) to a duel or did challenge him, and LOST BIG. He will hang near the harem for the entire winter and learn. Notice the maple and beech trees still show their color.


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The first peak is near (maybe today or tomorrow); but it is beautiful !! We are expecting 2-3 inches of rain in the next 36 hours and that will possibly make the Buffalo River from Boxley to Pruitt floatable by weeks end and through the weekend and maybe next week. There should still be a good amount of color left in some trees; making this the ideal canoe or kayak float for fall colors; A FLASH FLOOD WATCH was just issued !!


Top of Sherman Mountain looking down

Top of Sherman Mountain looking down


Driving down the 3 mile grade to the River.

Driving down the 3 mile grade to the River.


The Buffalo National  River at the bottom of the mountain.

The Buffalo National River at the bottom of the mountain.

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We got 2.01 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. I took these yesterday at the Ponca bridges. Adds Creek was running muddy, so the water above the low-water bridge was clear, and below the high bridge was murky to cloudy. It appears the first color peak will be in 7-10 ┬ádays if the forecast for clear cooler weather for 7 days holds. The day was rainy, cloudy, and not much light getting through the clouds – that type of day tends to highly saturate the colors:




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