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I watched this pair (already on eggs (4) for about 21 days). The nest was built on a nearby driveway on open gravel, as they usually do. As I’s pushed closer to the nest, the pair would go into defensive mode. The female would always come at me but stop short by 10-15 feet. The male would feign injury or death across the driveway to get my attention or draw it away from the female and nest. It seemed 30 feet was the threshold. When I moved away to further than about 30 feet; she’d nestle gingerly back onto the eggs, and he’d leave the area.

I did this 2-3 times per day for 8 days, always hoping to catch that moment when the eggs started to hatch. I missed. The hatched and the hatchlings were gone the very next morning. The long incubation period allows the chicks to fully develop and are ready to run or even fly within 1-2 hours after drying off. I did take over 1000 photos.

Pictures follow; had to use a very long lens:

IMG_0843 IMG_0849 IMG_1096 IMG_1948 IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1977 IMG_1979 IMG_1982 IMG_1989

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Closest I ever got to a (very hard to find) Hooded Warbler and I think one of the best portraits of a bird I ever took; was within 20 feet of him; came back with 100 mosquito bites and a dozen ticks – now removed:


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Taken this morning at 9 AM:

IMG_8769 IMG_8773 IMG_8787 IMG_8803 IMG_8806 IMG_8834 IMG_8847 IMG_8868 IMG_8899 IMG_8908

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An early morning photo of a Red Bellied woodpecker (a male) on a stump in my front yard; he was very unafraid and must be feeding nestlings at this time; as is the female Eastern Bluebird below; she has found a fat cricket:

IMG_6360 IMG_1267bb45

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Got these today but I never got as close to him as I wanted. They are common migrants to Arkansas for nesting (they are here April to August). The male, like this bird, have a rusty splotch on their upper breast. Normally they are more curious and I can get up close. These taken from 80 yards:

IMG_8227 IMG_8228 IMG_8231 IMG_8238

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Just took these pictures this morning; a series if 97 photos (all fairly good); I’ll include 2:



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Redbud in bloom and dogwood is very close:


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I added one new Bluebird House (and retired one) to my trail this spring. The Bluebirds started checking out the new house today in the stages to breeding; the wing wave. The male found the house and brought the female to it. She looked it over real thoroughly (inside and out); then the wing wave that signals mating is near and nest building will happen that same day (the new treated post is straight, camera crooked), Taken from 150′ with a Canon 50D and an EF400L f/5.6:








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A few photos from this morning of the results of yesterday and last nights ice sand snow storm; same location as before in the Murray Valley Only this Redtail hawk was moving and missed whatever prey he was after because of the camera click:







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Got this photo on this sunny but cold day on Murray Road in central Newton County, Arkansas. This is a female. Their numbers increase through March and April; then they are gone until next fall:



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