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Had spring in February, as usual, (Daffodils, Crocus, Bluets, Johnny Jump Ups, Harbinger, etc.) – we had extremely high pollen counts due to trees; then 20 days of very cold weather including a record low of 2F (breaking the old record by 20 degrees) lots of ice and snow – did I mention ICE and ICE ! A major kill off of everything took place. Last week we started again only this time the grasses are pollenating and both categories are very high to extreme. I have been miserable for 5 days; actually glad to see the rain today (3/18) and tomorrow (3/19).

Did you ever notice that when you see large clumps of daffodils blooming and not a house in sight, that that might have been an old settlers cabin; long gone ?!? I stopped at 3 clumps  yesterday and saw a old rock foundation near every group of daffodils. Cool.

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