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That was my HALLOWEEN scare, almost had a heart attack !! Haven’t seen many of these guys around for about 18 months; they have become overly scarce. A dozen years ago I could hear them all summer long calling “BOB WHITE”; not any more. The colors have peaked here in the Murray Valley and the Parthenon Valley although there is still some color in the protected pockets in the valleys. The beech-nut trees (Beeches) are still beautiful with an orange-rust- yellow mix …… and there are many beeches here is these valleys. I just cut the lawn for the final tim this year and I have about 12-15 bluebirds house hunting and catching insects; they are fooled by today’s warm-up and it is supposed to be in the 70s-80s all week here with lows in the 40s-50s — can’t beat it. As the summer grasses die out the Orchard Grass and Winter Wheat and Ladino Clover green up !

It is hazy today in the valley but morning clouds have given way to a bright blue sky.


Unable to upload photos due to Hurricane Sandy.



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