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I could get close because he/she is sound asleep  …zzzzzzzzzz !


photo 4

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Just before dark I watches a pair of Barred Owls hunting in my front and side yard. I had lost sight of them until 5:55 PM when I saw this one land on a T-Post on a garden fence:







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This time (at 5 PM) he/she landed in a tree in the backyard and I was able to sneak out the front door and around the house; he saw me as soon as I rounded the house; but, I did get a few capture photos before he was gone:



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The photos of the owl appear different than those of the previous week’s Posts, so I think there is a pair; and it is the beginning of nesting season for Barred Owls in Arkansas. They also have a flight route pattern. The start in a large sweet gum tree that is not their nesting tree, then move to a sycamore tree with a dead branch to perch on, then on the a large short leaf pine with a long dead branch, then to a backyard bluebird house, then to a dead branch of an ancient red oak, then to a fence post in my garden, and finally on to another bluebird house on the “trail” then back to the sweet gum tree. The stay at each location for 5-10 minutes and scan the snow covered ground.

These photos were taken through a therm-o-pane sliding glass door (not clean) in very low light (high ISO), so are not clear at all. This is the last of this owl series unless I catch them in the open with a clear photo shot:


IMG_9863 IMG_9857 IMG_9894

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This photo through a dirty window with a 400mm Canon lens on a Canon 50D (yielding 560mm at f/5.6) – not a very good shot but only got one before he noticed me in the window, this time he was on a different Bluebird House:


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On February 2nd, which was a misty, cloudy day; just before dark, a Barred Owl landed on a fence post in my yard. As I was preparing the camera to get a photo, he flew about 75 yards to a bluebird house where he spent 15 minutes scanning for prey. Since then I have seen him one more time. He appears to have been born last winter.


The picture of him leaving the post is not clear (did not have time to set the speed due to the dark weather), but the 2nd photo is a very long shot with a 600 mm Lens (about 100 yards), and is OK considering the distance and conditions:


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