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Still 2 weeks away from the official start of autumn ! But a 64F this morning with N Breeze and a sunny and beautiful day, I trekked down to the Little Buffalo River and sat in the shade next to a patch of wildflowers next to the stream and photographed a few juvenile Hummingbirds on some recently emerging Great Blue Lobelia; from there, the day just got more beautiful !! I was then joined by an Eastern Wood PeeWee gleaning aquatic insects from over the flowing water and a beautiful Gulf Fritillary on a white blossom:







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Yesterday was a beautiful day; temperatures in the mid-70’s; tomorrow brings severe thunderstorms again. What a cold start to June ! Not exactly swimming weather. Looked for Elk and Deer fawns yesterday; saw a few. Got a few photos; one of a newly dropped Elk calf; one of a raccoon, and one of a nice Whitetail Deer buckin velvet. Saw a few fawns and decided it might still be a few days early given this cool weather:



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