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It was a warm day here in the Murray Valley. I took my camera with me to the garden today. A Blue Grosbeak flew up into a tree from the orchard side of the garden. Later I heard, then saw a beautiful Summer Tanager on a downed limb; got photos of both:

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Both photos of blue colored birds, taken in my yard yesterday; the indigo Bunting, and the Blue Grosbeak; both taken with a Canon 1DS and 400mm f/5.6 yesterday morning, 8/5/14:


Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting


Blue Grosbeak

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Its been a hot since last Wednesday; not the real temperature; rather, the humidity. I think the hottest day was about 96F but the Heat Index was 110F. It becomes hard to work outside by late morning (say 11 AM). I have been building a shed and a patio. Yesterday, and Sunday night we had 4 thunder showers with very little lightning but tropical-like downpours. Not a ton of rain; but enough. I believe the rain gauge at my weather station says we got 1.18 inches of rain in those 4 showers. Also, it stayed cooler yesterday due to cloud cover for part of the day.

Several adult Purple Martins have been spending a lot of time at my Martin House. They seem to enjoy watching work on the shed, me using power tools, and talking. I did not get any this year in March-April and was disappointed – my theory was it was due to the long cool wet spring. However, my friends on Shiloh mountain and up at Wayton, AR. seemed to have no issues with Purple Martins and have plenty.

Also, this week the White-tailed deer began dropping fawns; which is also late.


Just as I finished working yesterday a Blue Grosbeak darted into a Orchard grass island in my back yard. I have been keeping my camera with me but have had little chance to take any photos.

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