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It about 50F at lunchtime today. I took a sandwich down to the river for a change. The water is clear and blue and I noticed a forsythia starting to bloom and crocus and daffodils starting to open; lovely. Bluebirds appear paired up and looking to nest soon. May go fishing this afternoon.




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I went out early this morning and heard a Blue Winged Warbler calling from a perch. I found him just as the sun peaked out through the heavy clouds. Taken with a Canon 70D and a Canon 600mm Lens; three poses – click to enlarge:





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Indigo Buntings have actually been around here a couple of weeks but I have not taken the time to photograph them with all the wood warbler activity recently. This is the iridescent  bright indigo-blue almost aqua at times bird that many people think are bluebirds. They are not. They are buntings and Bluebirds (bigger and with a orangey buff breast), are in the Thrush Family.


Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting 2

Indigo Bunting 2



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This pair of Blue Gray Gnatcatchers nesting about 40′ above the ground; taken with a Canon 50D with a Canon EF 400L f/5.6 at 5.6:








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Temperature 60F Winds NW at 35.

We started out with rain showers this morning, and then it became sunny and warm this afternoon: kind of reminds me of spring. The daffodils and crocus are coming up now.

I started this trail with two house exactly 3 years ago and have now grown it to 6 houses. Each pair is territorial and needs and acre to themselves. Any closer, it seems not to work out ! I have used several types of houses. All have pole guards and entrance guards to protect them when incubating and to protect the hatchlings later on. Here are some examples; and the Eastern Bluebirds are house hunting today. They used 3 houses out of 5 last year and fledged 7 broods (avg: 4 birds per brood):

I started pre season cleanup today but because of the long cold winter, I am waiting to clean out the last year’s nesting material until after March 1. Also, Eastern Blue Birds  needs lots of low cut grass to forage in, so this grass needs to be cut very short:












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It’s been very dry here ! No rain for about 2 weeks now. The vegetation is really drying up now. However, its been very cool for the past 4 days with highs in the upper 70s to about 80 and lows in the mid-50s. Great weather for working outside.There are plenty of White-tail deer fawns now; in fact one has been staying in my fenced in garden-orchard under a peach tree in some very fine and soft green grass. The doe comes and feed her fairly regularly and the fawn has just began eating grass with her mom. I also have a very large a beautiful buck that visits the clover patch every evening.

I am hoping for a thundershower this afternoon.

The Eastern Bluebirds have been busy feeding Brood 1 and bathing in the birdbath with them in the mornings and evenings; and a younger pait of bluebird has laid eggs in the house on the gate-post. I did get a photo of a adult male bluebird last evening just as the sun was setting behind the west  end of Reynolds Mountain:



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I got several photos of this diminutive migratory bird. Not only are they small (very small) they are packed with energy and never, never stop moving about the tree limbs and leaves in search of insects. The tail is always up and fanned. They seem not much larger to as hummingbird to my older eyes.

Right next to Little Buffalo River this Saturday morning I found one in a squabble with a Vireo, and gnatcatcher, perplexed had to stop a few times to think. Taken with a Canon 50D and a 400mm Canon DO IS lens:






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Last Thursday, I drove into CR 1205 all the way the from Highway 16 to Iceledo Gap. The weather was pretty; high in the mid-60s, and a bright sunny March sky. It had rained an inch about 3 days prior so the creek was running pretty good.  I reached Falling Water Falls about 9:00 AM and the falls was shaded (sun yet to climb over the backdrop of trees), so I took a few photos, enjoyed the smell of witch hazel in bloom (after doubling back an hour and a half later I did get a few more pictures with a Canon G15 Point and Shoot), and then drove down past the huge landslide repair area to ……..

Click to access Richland%20Creek%20Road%20landslide.pdf

Richland Creek and walked the south bank and got a few photos that show the true colors of the waters of Richland Creek; one of my  “all time” favorite spots:



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