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Using a Canon 1DS Mark III, I got a shot at an aggravated Great Horned Owl, still covered with dew, ¬†this morning sitting of a Bluebird House about 24-25′ from a Canon EF 600L IS f/4.0 Lens. The crows found him about 8 AM and he bolted into the Woods:

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Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl



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This Bluebird House (NO 3), I was really worried about a week ago. It had been down to 31F on last Friday (as it often does in the higher elevations), then 92F on Saturday, the next day. I watched the house last Sunday, Monday, and into Tuesday but saw no adults coming in to the house or leaving it. I opened the house and their were 4 (I judge) 9-11 day old birds (all Bluebirds, no cowbirds). No House Sparrow nesting. Their eyes were closed and i could not make them move at all. So, I closed the house and waited thinking some disease or temperature change had killed them.

Tuesday evening I saw the female go in and stay. Whew, what a good feeling. On the next day, Wednesday, their feeding resumed as usual; several trips every 15 minutes.

They are pretty quiet when they have hatchlings, so my guess is I just missed them coming and going. They are all fine and should fledge this coming late week. BTW, Bluebird House #1 and #5 both have 5 hatchlings; Bluebird House #2 abad Bluebird House # 4 each have 7 Chickadee hatchlings.

A few photos from today of both parents participating in the feeding and cleaning:












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