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I ordered the seedlings last October. The ground is soft (not frozen) and the time for seedling planting in getting close. I am concentrating on wildlife food plots this year; not beautification. I am picking up lots of persimmon, mulberry, black walnut, and oak saplings along with a dozen wildlife plot bundles. The part of my property that has been used as pasture for about 75+ years will be returned to islands of native grasses (little bluestem, switch grass, and indian grass; planted last 2 years) and the islands will each have groves of wildlife bundles (planting them this spring).

I also planted a good sized patch of Winter Wheat and another of Orchard Grass last October; it is doing great and the big “green-up” will start soon. Each patch is mixed with Ladino Clover also. The deer really seem to like this all winter long and use it to bed down in, during the spring and summer.

I am raising the fencing in my vegetable garden to 7 feet (from 5 feet) this year to try to keep the deer out; we’ll see ?

Sounds crazy to encourage deer and plant a vegetable garden, but the wildlife is more important to me.

And finally a photo of the Little Buffalo at dusk yesterday:



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