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The grasses crunch and pop underfoot; the fields are golden and dry; the rivers are at a very very low flow; basically small pools connected by a small rivulet of river water; and in many places have gone completely underground. We found one location on the Little Buffalo that had pretty good water with huge schools of shiners being chased by the predator smallmouth bass. Some very nice.

In the evening we went to Boxley Mill Pond; it is extremely low with a bunch of duck weed and other warm weather aquatic vegetation. The birds were busy fetching water; a common Yellowthroat Warbler; a Carolina Wren; Red Winged blackbirds; a family of Wood Ducks; and a Red-shouldered hawk.

High temperature yesterday 103F but cooled to 60F overnight.

Worked in the yard this morning in the cool weather; trimmed a few bushes back; weeded 2 gardens; cut the grass along then house and cleaned up; by 10:30 AM it was 94F.

Boxley Mill Pond; an oasis for Wood Ducks

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