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I love the Boxley Pond !! …….. but it sure needs work. Went back today, a week later and did not see any more Mergansers but saw a few pairs of beautiful Wood Ducks (male pictured). It reached near 50 today and finally the ice is gone !



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Not a common duck to see (at least to me) on Boxley Pond last Saturday. Since last Saturday, it’s been so cold all week and I struggled to town on Wednesday. The ice was melted on Highway 327, but up at higher altitudes, like climbing out of my place, it was very icy. I am also┬áincluding a photo from AR 327:




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Thanks for watching my BLOG !


Today, Christmas Eve day, I drove by the Boxley Mill Pond and saw a pair of Wood Ducks, and was only able to photograph the male using a Canon 7D and a Canon EF 300L IS f/2.8 Lens with a 1.4 TC yielding 420mm on the 7D’s crop sensor or 672mm of magnification on this gloomy day. They represent to color of the holiday season to me – so colorful !!!


Male Wood Duck

Male Wood Duck

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What an interesting place !!! Muskrats, Frogs, Beavers, Birds, snakes, etc.








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