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Im always looking for photographs of White Winged Crows but, I guess I need to concentrate on stalking Elk to get them. The crow was between me and the Elk and I didn’t know I had one until I uploaded the photos:




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If you don’t have to get up and go. We got 0.20 since midnight and supposedly more on the way too. Barely hear a bird in the early morning anymore. Their nesting season is drawing to a close for 2013.

Yesterday, I drove to Dixon Ford on the Buffalo River; it is 22 miles above Boxley and just downstream from the two forks that ¬†make it the Buffalo River. It was not dry as I expected, but very low. On the way back I drove up AR 16 to AR 21 to AR 43 and stopped along the Boxley valley\y in several locations. It was a beautiful summer day. I got a photo of a White Winged crow and several Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. The first I have seen a white winged crow since last September. They are ¬†“leucistic”, partially albino. Ive got lots to do today, hope the rain stops for a while.



Dixon Ford on the Buffalo

Dixon Ford on the Buffalo

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