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These cute little birds are very hard to photograph as they keep moving to the opposite side of the tree whenever a camera is pointed at them, but, they a fairly common in the Boston Mountains.  I just took these pictures last Saturday and Sunday in the fog, with my Canon 7D and a 600mm f/4. Distinctive in habits and morphology, the Brown Creeper is a small, well-camouflaged bird of woodlands. It creeps along tree trunks, spiraling upward, picking invertebrates from the bark with its curved and pointed bill.

Cool Facts

  • The Brown Creeper bears an extremely close physical resemblance to the Eurasian Treecreeper and Short-toed Treecreeper, and was at one time considered the same species as the Eurasian Treecreeper. But studies of vocalizations, including experiments in which they do not respond to each other’s songs, support recognition of three separate species.
  • In Arizona, Brown Creeper nests often have two openings, one which serves as an entrance and the other as an exit. Entrances face downward and exits upward.
  • Adult Description

    • Small songbird.
    • Upperparts streaked brown and white.
    • Underparts whitish.
    • Long thin bill.
    • Long tail.
    • Creeps up tree trunks.

    Immature Description

    Similar to adult, but with light spotting on underparts and duller upper parts.

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