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I caught this photo from the NE edge of Mount Judea at dawn. Mt. Judea is the NE extent of the continuous Boston Mountains looking NE towards Bull Shoals Lake (about 60 miles NE). The hills in the distance are along the middle Buffalo National River near the area where Big Creek joins the Buffalo. Unfortunately, there is a huge Commercial Hog Operation about 5 miles above the Buffalo River (outside the National Park Service lands), but the hog waste has permeated the Karst topography and entered Big Creek and then the Buffalo, River causing unacceptable levels of nitrogen and other effluents to pollute our beautiful river. Just does not seem right !!  CLICK TO ENLARGE.


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Caught these guys along the Buffalo River near Pruitt.
IMG_6143 IMG_0056 IMG_1175 IMG_9688cc

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This photo is of the Buffalo River about a mile below Ponca; also, the first Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly and a pair of immature Blad Eagles at Steel Creek:

Zebra Swallowtail 3/31/15

Zebra Swallowtail 3/31/15

Immature Bald Eagles 3/31/15

Immature Bald Eagles 3/31/15

Buffalo River

Buffalo River



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I made a trip out after a few showery days. It was very foggy and 39F this morning; but, was 56F by 9 AM. Drove to the Triple Falls (actually called Double Falls) at Camp Orr on the Buffalo River; across a field. Lots of early wildflowers in bloom or getting ready to bloom soon.

The water was not high in the falls; about normal. The falls is fed by two creeks; one called Shop Creek and the other is unnamed and is about 40 feet tall. This is not the Shop Creek that flows from Alum Natural Bridge to the Little Buffalo. I did not know what to expect after the rains – but they did not total that much in the end.

I saw Bloodroot, Anemones, Toothwort, a very few opened Trout Lilies (Dog Toothed Violets – But all that were opened were the early Yellow variety), Spring Beauties, Bluets, Harbinger, and Johnny Jump Ups. Some in great numbers. No Trilliums yet. It will peak from a wildflower perspective in the next 10 days. This is a warmer sheltered and damp area.















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Oh I wish it was like this NOW. This cold, ice, and snow snap has got me down. We will fall to 5F tonight and rise to 25F tomorrow; then ice forecast for Saturday:


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I drove down to Steel Creek today (2/13) and saw a small group of deer (mostly does) and a herd of Elk with the Bull watching his harem. Two of the largest does were sparring (boxing while standing on hind legs). They do this a lots in the spring long before dropping fawns to claim a grazing territory. Its’ mostly pointless, but it is a strong instinct:










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There were long icicles around and about Roark Bluff at Steel Creek today and water was still high enough to float today. The ice in the sickles appeared aqua-blue in the late light today or maybe it was minerals.  The temperature started at 15F at 6:30 AM but rose to 50F by 2 PM; beautiful day in the mountains:





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Thanks for watching my BLOG !


Today, Christmas Eve day, I drove by the Boxley Mill Pond and saw a pair of Wood Ducks, and was only able to photograph the male using a Canon 7D and a Canon EF 300L IS f/2.8 Lens with a 1.4 TC yielding 420mm on the 7D’s crop sensor or 672mm of magnification on this gloomy day. They represent to color of the holiday season to me – so colorful !!!


Male Wood Duck

Male Wood Duck

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and a juvenile hawk warming today near Ponca:


86BW5001_tonemapped 2


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