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Just two photos I took on Sunday afternoon with a Canon 1D Mark III and a Canon EF300 f/2.8 IS, speed 1/1600 second (too slow to stop their wings); ISO 400, Aperture f/6.3.




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At 5:45 AM there was is not much light yet; however the Eastern Bluebirds are busy feeding their hatchlings. Going to be a very hot day; Thursday, but a Cold Front is on its way and may bring some storms tonight but a real cool down for 4-6 days with highs in the lower 80’s to about 85 and much lower humidity.

I was lucky to get this shot invery low light with a Canon 1DS and an of 2400. He was about to enter the house with a grub when I got the shot off. I was using a Canon EF600L IS at f/4.0.:



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I got a clear shot at a migrating warbler this afternoon. This bird was in a flock with Northern Parulas (warblers also) and a few others species. Warblers are known to migrate in mixed flocks. The Yellow-rumped warblers frequently winter in southern Missouri and Arkansas; but since he/she was bunched in this migrating flock; I believe this warbler is moving up from the south.

Taken Canon 1DS (full frame) with a Canon 600mm f/4 L IS lens:



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