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Carolina Wren in the sleet this morning and a photo of the Murray Valley at 5 PM last evening. More ice and sleet on the way tonight, Thursday-Friday and on Sunday; WOW, winter all at once. Only supposed to reach 40F today and its likely I’m stuck here at home a while even with 4WD; deep snow I can deal with – but these roads are narrow, steep, crooked, ands icy:




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Still injured and it is hard to get around. This baby wren was in a tree at the bottom of my back porch. They are so cute with their natal down. Look at their short tails; but they can fly. To me, that is amazing:




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This guy was really letting me have it  —  squawk, squawk, ……… squawk !!! We got 1.32 inches of rain last night and this morning and all the creeks, falls, and rivers are bank full. This on top of the 2.01 inches we received over the weekend. Photos taken with a a Canon 50D with a EF  400L:



IMG_6650 f/5.6 Canon Lens:

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I had a tent for storage back by the woods. I was into the collapsed tent (fell December 4th, 2013 in a 12″ snowfall) looking for something today when a Carolina Wren darted out of a flower pot. There is a nest in the pot but no eggs yet. Then I got sassed for 15 minutes ! The dilemma: just let them nest or tear the old fallen tent out now ??? My inclination is to wait until early May after they fledge, then tear it down. Photos follow taken with a Canon 1DS Mark3 with a Canon EF300mm f/2.8 L IS Lens:







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I noticed several Carolina Wrens calling this morning very early and a few Chickadees “feeee-beee” calls, along with the “peter peter peter” of the Tufted Titmouse. I have not noticed and paring up yet, but that IS A VERY EARLY spring sign. This photo was taken by me last February 17th using a Canon 7D with a Canon EF300L – f/2.8 IS.


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