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I have had some 20 Cedar Waxwings at this tree, at once; I think the apples ferment and it makes the birds drunk; flying into the ground, hitting the house, and generally acting crazy, the last photo has a waxwing the has stabbed a crabapple with his beak (which has a tiny hook or barb on the tip) and it throwing her head back to eat the fruit:


5242095417_55632fd81a_o 2



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There was a group of about a dozen catching insects that hatched from the river. Looked to be small white mayflies and the birds have their crests down while hunting. I guess they’ll move to fruits, berries, crabapples, etc very soon.



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We got down to 38F degrees here in Murray valley last night (actually at 5:48 AM) and the Cedar Waxwings have arrived in good numbers and are eating everything in sight. I am off for a hike again today. Went to Fayetteville yesterday across the center of the Ozark Mountains and the Sweet gums are magnificent, in color, now. The Black-gums have turned a purplish color instead of their normal scarlet red. The oaks, maples, and hickories, etc. are still very green. I think the color is going to be later this year.


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