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I was awakened by bright lightening and loud thunder at 4:05 AM today, really never went back to sleep. At dawn, I heard the first Purple Martin of 2014. I peered out the window at in the dim morning light  and saw two Male Rudy Throat Hummingbirds on one of my feeders; and, I just put the nectar out Wednesday morning. I got up and took my camera out on the porch and sat quietly hoping for either but instead had a beautiful male Red-bellied woodpecker land on the log pile next to me (he just did not see me) just inside the focal length of the 400mm f/5.6 lens (15.5 feet); so I quietly scooted back while he searched the logs and got a few closeups of him at ISO 1600 on my Canon 50D. It wasn’t long after that that another line of strong storms moved through:



IMG_6377 copy


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