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Right next to the entrance gate to my place this Indigo Bunting as staked out his territory. He is singing from dawn to dusk – despite the lousy weather. He is cold and wet and probably wishes he did not migrate north. This weeks promises more below normal temperatures and more wet weather:

Taken with a Canon 7D and a 400mm Canon 400 DO IS Lens at f /5.6:



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The spring green-up has really begun; and I will be out photographing, trails, rivers, creeks, wildflowers, and dogwoods, the next week and doing a lot of fence work also. We received almost and inch of rain yesterday – yeah !!!   One of my favorite photos from last month was taken two days after a unexpected snow:


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All of the sudden, there seem to be more bluebirds again. During the last 17 day cold spell I tried feeding them dried mealworms; but, they either did not want them or just did not catch on. They seemed to disappear altogether and returned Wednesday to feed, their are lots of insects again now They are doing some house hunting and in one cast nest building. I just checked and at this time last March (a few eggs laid), their nest were completed, the peach trees were in full bloom, and the redbud was coming on quickly. The dogwood began to open March 20th, last year (about a month early). It only takes one cold year to snap all of us NW Arkansan’s back to reality.



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Miserably cold March, so far !!!

After on full year with the Davis Weather Station and a member of Weather Underground, they have found that I have one of the coldest reporting stations in all of Arkansas. I not only have the coldest year-round low temperatures but some of the hottest readings in the summer. The Arkansas town of Deer is in the center point of this micro-climate. See temperature maps with 1F increments in morning lows:

My home is located in the Murray Valley, south of the Little Buffalo River at about 1,200 feet altitude. I am surrounded by mountains but the home is actually on a plateau (bench) about 250 feet above the river. The mountains around my home and the Davis Weather Station, are all 1,200 – 1,400 feet above my gauge. In the  mornings all year around, I am shaded by the shadow of Henderson Mountain until mid-morning (later in the winter). The winter’s prevailing NW winds have a straight shot at my place on a true downslope (very cold) flow. Reynolds mountain is N and NW of the gauge and Beckham Hollow (holds Beckham Cave) is due west with Shiloh Mountain directly behind. On the other side of Shiloh Mountain is Boxley, AR. and Cave Mountain (Upper Buffalo Wilderness); also a fairly cold area. At Beckham Creek, the Little Buffalo River turns south and encircles Taylor Mountain; which lies south of the gauge.

NW Arkansas has always been the cool spot in Arkansas, with a corresponding drop in on the USDA Planting Zone maps; placing it in the same zone a between Joplin and Kansas City, MO. See maps.

I have high humidity and fog in the summers and fall about half the mornings of the week. It lifts by 8 AM to 8:30 AM most mornings and leads to a fairly quick warm up. However, the low has already been reached near dawn and directly after. The fog forms on the Little Buffalo River and moves southeast towards Taylor Mountain.

My gauged temperatures typically run about 10F below the readings at Harrison to the NE on the other side of the Boston Mountains. This is wonderful in the summer.

It is extremely pleasant every morning May-August until 8-9 AM; sometimes 10:00 AM. A great time to do yard or garden work ! I love the climate; except the 110F summer readings.


zm_arScreen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.51.27 AM Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 3.44.22 PM copy 2


Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 3.42.47 PM

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We have seen much colder here (2 years ago for instance), but 14F with z steady breeze has taken the WIND CHILL temperatures (bare skin) to near Zero F here in Murray Valley, or a little below; Actual air temperatures are below Zero around Kansas City. A picture from the Parthenon Valley at sun up:





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We got real close to an inch of rain yesterday and into last night; enough to bring the rivers up and flush them out. Its cold (28F and windy at 10:00 AM today) a few flurries in the air. The Buffalo River at Ponca came up about 2′ overnight and Richland Creek came up 3-4 feet overnight. I’d like to go to Falling Water Creek today but have too much to do.

To the south and east of Parthenon, rainfall amounts were staggering; 4-6″ and many records were set. The only wold bird stirring in this wind and cold were Cardinals:



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