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Drove over to Boxley on Monday and spent an hour at the mill pond. Watched ducks, catbirds, red-winged blackbirds, Vireos, and a few warblers including Common Yellow Throated, and Louisiana waterthrushes. It was nice an cool, after the thundershowers. The mill pond is full of grass and the rains of the week (3 inches) have added needed water to it. I was thinking how much Common Yellowthroats and Carolina Wrens are the same. They both spend their time along brushy fencerows; both seems to be on a constant hunt for spiders and other flying insects, they are nearly the same size; and their song is much the same. Both species are curious and will come to see “whats up” when you stop near them. The big difference is their appearance ! The photos below were taken Monday morning with a Canon 50D and a 400mm lens; handheld.





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I was lucky enough to get a look at a pair of warblers nest building on Monday this week. They were in a Little Buffalo River bottoms; I had my Canon 400mm DO IS lens on my Canon 7D; they were both curious about my whistle and came faily close to me. The Male has a black mask like a raccoon:




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