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I have been very busy for the past 2 weeks and have not posted; in that time I was able to get a good photo of an Arkansas coyote. This guy was so focused on a Cottontail about 100 feet away that he did not notice me sneaking up with a camera:


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With lows in the low 20s today (Saturday), we are headed for some warmer and wetter weather in the coming week. We will see showers and Thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday with highs approaching the mid-70s, then some cool sunshine on Wed-Friday with highs in the 50s again: a return to more seasonable weather. ┬áNot too bad !! Love these Arkansas winters. We really need the rain and I’m not sure how much we will get, but I’ll taken anything. The moon was full last night, with coyotes yipping and howling and some still hunting today at sun up:

This photo was taken last January at sun up using a Canon 50D and a Canon EF 400 DO IS f/4 Lens. I don’t think there is any doubt that we live in one of the most beautiful sections of Arkansas, the Ozarks, the Nation !!


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