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Oh what color !!! Drinking from Shop Creek near Parthenon Arkansas; Canon 1DS with a Canon EF300L IS f/2.8 at ISO 100::


American Robin 9/8/2014

American Robin 9/8/2014

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Whether you agree with this “environmentally” or not, this is an unbelievably beautiful overnight facility. Beckham Creek Cave is located a mile down the road from me, on Beckham Creek, a tributary of the Little Buffalo River. The is a world famous cave located in the heart of the Boston Mountains in NW Arkansas.

They’ve  been featured on NBC Nightly News, Home and Garden TV, People Magazine, National Geographic and Four States Living.

Set on a 280 acre estate, the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge was built with the philosophy that the ongoing preservation of natural beauty is paramount. With its perfect blend of magnificent craftsmanship and technology, it took nearly four years to complete. Everywhere one looks, the superior design and attention to detail is obvious.

Putting you directly in touch with nature, the lodge boasts natural living cave walls and ceilings. By maximizing window areas along the wall facing outside, and maintaining large, open living spaces, natural sunlight floods the living area, game room, and kitchen, bringing the outdoors inside the cave.

This is truly a modern accommodation literally fit for royalty. From the moment you walk in the door, the area itself encourages one to shed all of the cares of the daily grind and concentrate on finding true inner peace. The cave’s natural ambiance is complimented by beautiful workmanship, which lends a casual elegance to the interior. There’s no closed-in feeling here, and central heating/air boosts the normal cave temperature to the comfort zone you select. In addition, dehumidifiers remove any suggestion of dampness.

Totally secluded, the cave lodge delivers a comfortable and relaxing vacation. Located in the Buffalo National River country with all the wild beauty of the Ozark countryside. Life here has so much to offer including many activities outside of the cave lodge.

Each room offers its own natural cave walls and all the rooms are beautifully appointed and luxurious considering that you are inside a cave. You will have a tendency to forget that fact during your stay, also available is a Honeymoon Suite which is set apart from the other rooms to allow for slightly more privacy. This amazing bit of architecture is located on 280 acres of land in Buffalo National River country and no matter what you are looking for in a vacation these accommodations have it all and allows you to get back to nature in a most unique way.

The accommodations are quite pricey; so check with them, prior planning a trip.





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These photos are a week old now; from back when the sun used to shine (its been mostly cloudy for a week now and unseasonably cold too), 28F again this morning. These are of American Goldfinches just beginning to molt to yellow; with 5 weeks they will be bright yellow. The mourning cloak was in the snow at Richland Creek, two weeks ago. I took the Goldfinch photos in my yard with a telephoto lens about Feb 20th, 2013:

24690_354228157314_3223283_n 18845_310318517314_2204080_n


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Woke up to snow flurries in bursts this morning and mix of sun and clouds. Temperature was 28F at dawn.

I went to Richland Creek on February 14th and found a patch of Trout Lilys (Dog-tooth Violets) in a sunny area by Falling Water Creek on the entrance to Richland Creek from the south. I had forgotten the rugged beauty of the Richland Creek area and loved the see the mountains close in on the Creeks  on both sides. The water of the Richland Creek was extremely blue, partly due to the high blue sky and partly due to the suspended minerals in the water.

I saw about 30 deer in 4-5 groups and a coyote on the old landslide area (a landslide a few years back, so large, that it closed the south entrance of Richland Creek Wilderness for 2 years) until it could be moved and the road re-graded. There was not one other tire track within the Wilderness Area. I was completely alone with only the aroma of Witch Hazel in the air.




IMG_2757_tonemapped IMG_2742IMG_2771

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Just a picture from Lost Valley last Wednesday with a Canon G15; notice thew color saturation with cloudy skies.


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18 degrees in Murray Valley, one valley to the south. Just a early morning photo:


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