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They say NO. Nearly extinct and live only on the North Carolina coast and islands. They inhabited Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas until the 1930’s. They were all ┬ákilled off by trapping and poisoning. By 1960 there were only a few scattered individuals left in their former ranged in the US and still here in the remote areas of the Arkansas mountains.

They do mate with and hybridize with Coyotes and occasionally wild dogs; that complicated the process of trying to re-introduce them into their former range; as a pure species.

Last evening, just before dark, I saw a small pack of 4-5 coyotes but one was much larger (by far) and darker and had, as I could tell from 50 yards, huge paws ands some orange or reddish orange on his head, breast, and ears. Not bright red but more of a brown rust color. He/she may have weighed 60-65 pounds, maybe more; compared to the 30-40 pound large coyotes I see frequently around here.

Could that have been a “left over” hybrid coyote-Red Wolf cross ?

To top that off, the coyotes were very loud with there howling and barking last night. Some packs seemed to have 8-10 individual howling voices.

Just wondering ?

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