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Then it is foggy and hazy, and the sun has risen over Henderson Mountain (about 7 AM now), you get these views in late summer morning, when driving out. The first photo isĀ of the tress flanking Murray Road, the second is up Highway 327 towards Wayton, AR., climbing Henderson Mountain:




IMG_6567 2

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A very lucky shot by me of a Great Horned Owl – he/she “hooooawwd oootooo hoo hoo” and was answered almost every time, all night for several days now in a Black Walnut tree by my rear shed next to the forest; about 30-40 feet away. He is getting ready for a “long days night” of sleep in a fairly inconspicuous place. Im betting the crows find him/her today after the fog lifts:


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This beautiful butterfly was active very early today (the longest day of the year) on the very same thistle heads that the Amercian Goldfinches have been feasting on thi9s week. It is unusual to see butterflies out so early in the day:



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