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An early morning photo of a Red Bellied woodpecker (a male) on a stump in my front yard; he was very unafraid and must be feeding nestlings at this time; as is the female Eastern Bluebird below; she has found a fat cricket:

IMG_6360 IMG_1267bb45

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It is sunny and windy  at 76F degrees; the dew point is 66F (very humid); I expect several rounds of severe weather including tornados today and again tomorrow. Tomorrow will be worse for tornados because of the forecast wind change with altitude.  Look out in Arkansas.

The bluebirds continue building and laying eggs in 3 of my bluebird houses; they feed each other as they work. Thus morning a saw the first Yellow Rumped Warbler (myrtle) in spring breeding colors. They spend winter here but become the color of a sparrow.

The flowing photos taken with a Canon 1DS Mark III with a Canon EF600L f/4 IS Lens on a tripod:



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Everything is late this spring; flowering trees, wildflowers, general green up, etc. The Eastern Bluebirds got a late start paring up and attracting each other and they are just now working diligently on nest construction. They usually work on this early in the day but it has been in the low 20s each morning. It was 45F by 9:30 this morning and they began working.

They worked non-stopped for an hour. The female leaving the box to gather grass and pine needles. The male accompanies her in flight but does no nest building himself; after she places the grass in the box, he flies down to check out the progress. He often stands on the nest box while she is inside.

The following photos taken today show about 3 nest building trips. They were taken with a Canon 50D with a Canon EF400 f/5.6 Lens at 1/2000th of a second in good light with a thin overcast …….about 25 photos follow:































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I put some water out and the local Bluebirds jumped right in. Four at a time and one point !  They continued the splashing until dark:





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We got 1.21 inches of rain yesterday (Saturday) following about 0.80 the previous 2 days which brings the month of October total to over 2.0 inches. It was 42 degrees at dawn this morning. I am looking for the upper 30s on Monday morning. Since I live close to and surrounded by National Parks and US Forest Service land; it has been impossible to get around for photography due to the government shutdown.

While the US government plays games (an they are silly); all we can do it WAIT while both sides bargain with money they DO NOT HAVE (funny money). It is sad to see it come to this !!

I do spend lots of time doing necessary yard work and planting winter crops for wildlife.

The Eastern Bluebirds have been keeping me company the whole time and enjoy using my lawnmower handle as a lookout for insects:





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It’s been very dry here ! No rain for about 2 weeks now. The vegetation is really drying up now. However, its been very cool for the past 4 days with highs in the upper 70s to about 80 and lows in the mid-50s. Great weather for working outside.There are plenty of White-tail deer fawns now; in fact one has been staying in my fenced in garden-orchard under a peach tree in some very fine and soft green grass. The doe comes and feed her fairly regularly and the fawn has just began eating grass with her mom. I also have a very large a beautiful buck that visits the clover patch every evening.

I am hoping for a thundershower this afternoon.

The Eastern Bluebirds have been busy feeding Brood 1 and bathing in the birdbath with them in the mornings and evenings; and a younger pait of bluebird has laid eggs in the house on the gate-post. I did get a photo of a adult male bluebird last evening just as the sun was setting behind the west  end of Reynolds Mountain:



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At 5:45 AM there was is not much light yet; however the Eastern Bluebirds are busy feeding their hatchlings. Going to be a very hot day; Thursday, but a Cold Front is on its way and may bring some storms tonight but a real cool down for 4-6 days with highs in the lower 80’s to about 85 and much lower humidity.

I was lucky to get this shot invery low light with a Canon 1DS and an of 2400. He was about to enter the house with a grub when I got the shot off. I was using a Canon EF600L IS at f/4.0.:



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Its’ sunny 45F, a beautiful day, and the Eastern Bluebirds are scouting homes as if it was March. They are really amazing birds. Here is a cute female looking to what this  house offers on January 3rd.:



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