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One of the pairs of bluebirds in my yard, must be mated from last year; I believe they stayed all winter. They frequently spent in Cedar (juniper) trees pulling berries of and eating them during the coldest days. While the other Bluebirds are still house hunting, this pair has chosen the house they used last summer; I think !

The male enters the house, looks around, and wing waves to the female, she flies to the house or to a nearby perch and wing waves and then enters the house alone or with him. The waves plus loud singing, tells me they have selected that house again. I got a few photos of the female Bluebird’s wing waves; Taken with a  CANON 7D with a 600mm EF600L f/4.0 Lens.






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Went into Jasper this morning; saw 2 mature Bald Eagles and a Roadrunner. The Eagles were at the Shop Creek crossing of Highway 327, and the Roadrunner was closer to Jasper. Woke up to 19F this morning on its way to 55-60 (maybe); forecast changed for cooler weather.


Not long after I posted the bluebird houses on my trail yesterday, I did get photos of the male in a pair looking into the house under a big Sweet Gum Tree.  Only one photo was clear. The picture was taken with a Canon 50D with a Canon 400mm Lens:



Also there was a nice sunset on a clear cold evening in NW Arkansas:



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Just a photo of the almost “unbeliveable eye” of the Towhee:


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All of the sudden, there seem to be more bluebirds again. During the last 17 day cold spell I tried feeding them dried mealworms; but, they either did not want them or just did not catch on. They seemed to disappear altogether and returned Wednesday to feed, their are lots of insects again now They are doing some house hunting and in one cast nest building. I just checked and at this time last March (a few eggs laid), their nest were completed, the peach trees were in full bloom, and the redbud was coming on quickly. The dogwood began to open March 20th, last year (about a month early). It only takes one cold year to snap all of us NW Arkansan’s back to reality.



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It has been so cold for 35.8 N Latitude;  running about 10F-20F below normals for 03/02. The bluebirds arrive and then disappear due to the cold weather. Well, they are back and acting like house hunting is a good idea again now. These were in the trees in the orchard; taken with a Canon 600mm telephoto lens:


IMG_3341 5541633932_99d5cb8cf7_o

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Well,  they are the prettiest thrush in the world, to me. My favorite. I built a bluebird trail 3 years ago and am brooding about 100 hatchlings per year now. My trail will grow by 2 more boxes early this spring. This is a file photo from last June taken with a Canon 1DS Mark II Full Frame camera and a EF600L f/4.0 IS lens with a Teleconverter of 1.4X. It is one is a long series of 400+ photographs:


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