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A cow Elk bellows and a Bull Elk test the cold air for scents. Taken with a Canon 5DMII and a EF300L IS f/2.8:




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Im always looking for photographs of White Winged Crows but, I guess I need to concentrate on stalking Elk to get them. The crow was between me and the Elk and I didn’t know I had one until I uploaded the photos:




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Just a photo of a medium sized Bull Elk in the Buffalo River; taken above Ponca just before sundown:


IMG_7689 2

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WOW, reached 17F as a low this morning. Last week I took a photo of one (of many) Elk harem over near Ponca. There appears to be 2 bulls in this photo but the one on the left is a “satellite” bull OR a younger bull that has not challenged the harem owner (dominant Bull Elk, to the right) to a duel or did challenge him, and LOST BIG. He will hang near the harem for the entire winter and learn. Notice the maple and beech trees still show their color.


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This Bull Elk walked through a Paw Paw patch just prior to entering the river; he waded around in a deep hole to cool off. After an hour, he was still covered up and still in the River. I guess he liked it !!


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Yesterday was a beautiful day; temperatures in the mid-70’s; tomorrow brings severe thunderstorms again. What a cold start to June ! Not exactly swimming weather. Looked for Elk and Deer fawns yesterday; saw a few. Got a few photos; one of a newly dropped Elk calf; one of a raccoon, and one of a nice Whitetail Deer buckin velvet. Saw a few fawns and decided it might still be a few days early given this cool weather:



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