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After 2.2 inches of rain since my last POST, it has cooled off quite a bit. We had 35F yesterday and 33F this Sunday morning. I had to scrape (thick ice) the windows at dawn today before I could drive – hadn’t had to do that since last March. It has actually been colder in some of the lower locations. Under 30F. These heavy frosts are going to get the color change, which seems on hold, going again. At this time, I think next weekend and the following week are the first color peak. Usually 7-10 days later is the second peak, just as pretty, but with a lot more oranges, yellows, and rusts, mixed in with green Shortleaf pines. That can be as late as November 10th. I drove down to Kyles Landing on Saturday, yesterday, and the color is beginning but has a way to go yet.

Kyle's Landing of the Buffalo River

Kyle’s Landing of the Buffalo River

One of my alarms - a Carolina Chickadee

One of my alarms – a Carolina Chickadee

I usually put sunflower seed on a stump outside my front window. The birds have not paid much attention to it until three days ago. I have had about 6 cardinals, titmice, and now 2 pairs of Chickadees. When the stump is empty they let me know. I just love those birds. The fawn I have watched grow up this year and are young adults now and are showing some fear of me now. Good Thing ! No spots left on these fawns.


A fawn takes of at the sight of me now

A fawn takes of at the sight of me now

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Thanks to everyone who checks in or reads my Blog weekly. I really enjoy journaling natural events here in the mountains. Today, the final day of July, I woke up several times overnight to lightening and thunder but did not get a drop of rain. The evening batch went north near Alpena and finally through Harrison. The early morning batch went just south trough Edwards Junction and Deer and on southward. But at 4 PM, as I am writing this entry, it is thundering again, so, we’ll see.

A mother Doe and her fawn were grazing the the side yard early this morning and I surprised them with my camera; it’s the first time I have seen the fawn take off running “full steam” with long ¬†jumps. Not the best photos but it was early and there was not much light to work with:




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Its been a hot since last Wednesday; not the real temperature; rather, the humidity. I think the hottest day was about 96F but the Heat Index was 110F. It becomes hard to work outside by late morning (say 11 AM). I have been building a shed and a patio. Yesterday, and Sunday night we had 4 thunder showers with very little lightning but tropical-like downpours. Not a ton of rain; but enough. I believe the rain gauge at my weather station says we got 1.18 inches of rain in those 4 showers. Also, it stayed cooler yesterday due to cloud cover for part of the day.

Several adult Purple Martins have been spending a lot of time at my Martin House. They seem to enjoy watching work on the shed, me using power tools, and talking. I did not get any this year in March-April and was disappointed – my theory was it was due to the long cool wet spring. However, my friends on Shiloh mountain and up at Wayton, AR. seemed to have no issues with Purple Martins and have plenty.

Also, this week the White-tailed deer began dropping fawns; which is also late.


Just as I finished working yesterday a Blue Grosbeak darted into a Orchard grass island in my back yard. I have been keeping my camera with me but have had little chance to take any photos.

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