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I took this shot from 12 feet with a Canon 600mm Lens using a Canon 7D = 960mm (1.6 crop sensor). The bee flew in, extracted pollen from a late thistle flower and left to go to another flower head:





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Taken yesterday at 1/1250 sec with a Canon 7D with a 300mm f/2.8 IS Lens in low light. These guys have mobbed my yard in search of drinking water. Thunderstorms formed to the east and then south of my home yesterday afternoon; we did not get a drop.

Actually is misread the rain gauge; we did get 0.10 inches of rain.




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I was lucky enough to catch a Red-shoulder Hawk’s mating sky dance a few days ago; now, this morning a Red-tail hawk was flying over my yard at 8 AM and I had my camera (5DMII). It was cold 25F last night after a day of high winds and scattered thunderstorms. The fast moving storms dropped only 1/4 inch of rain in my yard. Now, I’m looking forward to ice tomorrow, so says the local forecast. Today is sunny and we should reach well into the 40s to around 50 again.

Here are the red-tail photos:



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