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A juvenile Red-tail hawk in the yard this morning looking really fierce.  Additionally, Eastern Bluebird courtship started today (later than usual due to the cold weather). I cleaned out the birdhouses on my Bluebird Trail this morning. Also a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers searching for spiders and eating raw peanuts this morning. The Hairy Woodpecker appears to be banded:



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A little wet from spashing in a man-made puddle, this Hairy Woodpecker (probably 8 weeks old or less) has spent lots of time trying to cool off in the water. We really need rain badly. It is in the forecast for tonight (about a 50-50) chance but not much in the way of precipitation is forecast.

I heard yesterday that Fire Bans are planned for later this week, and for good reason.

This Hairy Woodpecker is much larger than the more commonly seen Downey Woodpecker but looks much the same in all ways,IMG_5554 except the longer bill:



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