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There were long icicles around and about Roark Bluff at Steel Creek today and water was still high enough to float today. The ice in the sickles appeared aqua-blue in the late light today or maybe it was minerals.  The temperature started at 15F at 6:30 AM but rose to 50F by 2 PM; beautiful day in the mountains:





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Last week we had a 2.14 inches of rain. In the high country that precipitation brings the creeks and rivers up and that affords some on the finest scenery in the US in my opinion. For instance, Henson Creek between Ponca and Parthenon fall approximately 460 feet in 4 miles or 115 feet per mile. It is floatable by Kayak for a short time most years.

Next, there is Shop Creek, which empties into the Little Buffalo in Parthenon. It also has a gradient of 80-100 feet per mile in it’s floatable stretches. In can be floated from a few miles below Alum Cove (the natural bridge) to its confluence with the Little Buffalo and is a beautiful run. Of course, most of these floats are on private property and necessary arrangements need to be made.

From the middle of February through May is a great time to get out and view these sections of these outstanding creeks. The Boston Mountains are is as scenic as the southern and middle Appalachian Mountains and much closer to Springfield MO, Little Rock, AR., Memphis TN, and Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK.

Here are some photos from last week, 2 days after the rains:






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