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The mating ritual was in full display yesterday; a male attracts a female to look at a house (house hunting). She is moderately impressed; but makes him continue the courting ritual for about 2 hours. She still does not accept the box and, so in a final attempt to get her attention, he starts to gather grass for the nest in hopes that she will follow – she does not  –  yet !!  He tries wing – wags, one and both, flies circles around the house, goes in to show her it is safe, comes out, makes several more short flights (never more than 10 feet from the house); finally, she approaches the house, checks the view, and leaves, flies back twice, once while he is in the box, sets on top, he looks for approval, she seem impressed but is not ready and leaves to land on a nearly post and watch while he attempts to pick up and take grass to the house. She watches. In the end nothing is decided.













* All photos taken handled (no tripod) by a Canon 50D with a Canon 400 f/5.6 lens at ISO 500 and TV=1/2,000 sec.

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One of the pairs of bluebirds in my yard, must be mated from last year; I believe they stayed all winter. They frequently spent in Cedar (juniper) trees pulling berries of and eating them during the coldest days. While the other Bluebirds are still house hunting, this pair has chosen the house they used last summer; I think !

The male enters the house, looks around, and wing waves to the female, she flies to the house or to a nearby perch and wing waves and then enters the house alone or with him. The waves plus loud singing, tells me they have selected that house again. I got a few photos of the female Bluebird’s wing waves; Taken with a  CANON 7D with a 600mm EF600L f/4.0 Lens.






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Went into Jasper this morning; saw 2 mature Bald Eagles and a Roadrunner. The Eagles were at the Shop Creek crossing of Highway 327, and the Roadrunner was closer to Jasper. Woke up to 19F this morning on its way to 55-60 (maybe); forecast changed for cooler weather.


Not long after I posted the bluebird houses on my trail yesterday, I did get photos of the male in a pair looking into the house under a big Sweet Gum Tree.  Only one photo was clear. The picture was taken with a Canon 50D with a Canon 400mm Lens:



Also there was a nice sunset on a clear cold evening in NW Arkansas:



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Its’ sunny 45F, a beautiful day, and the Eastern Bluebirds are scouting homes as if it was March. They are really amazing birds. Here is a cute female looking to what this  house offers on January 3rd.:



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