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I drove south today, at dawn, on Parker Ridge Road (nothing but forest, hills, and ravines the whole way). Beautiful. I was sure i’d see another bear, but did not. Saw two Cinnamon Black Bears together, out of Limestone yesterday. This is a must do side trip for anyone. Coming off of Parker Ridge is beautiful as it drops through the switchbacks to the Piney Creek; I’d say 2 miles of sharp switchbacks; finally down; you make the last drop to the Piney Creek. Did see 2 roadrunners today. Thats is 6 roadrunners this week. I came back on back on the river roads to Pelsor, Included a crossing of the river (no bridge) at it’s junction with Hurricane Creek, then back up Highway 7 to home. What a cool, sunny, but pleasant morning out. Notice, some species of trees are starting to turn yellow along the rivers and the Goldenrod is just now coming into blossom.




switchbacks on Parker Ridge Road

switchbacks on Parker Ridge Road


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