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I woke up to 27F this morning; it is about 34F at 11:15 AM. The warmup is slow because of the melting ice. Here in Murray Valley we got about 1/2″ of ice but it warmed to 32F by 4:00 PM yesterday preventing more power outages, through melting. The ice did melt until midnight with temperatures at 33F. Also, we never got the strong winds forecast and that really helped us out. I am sure different parts of the High Ozarks got more; I know that the Mullbery River drainage got 4-5 inches of snow and and some ice too. The ice melting has created run off  and has added water to the streams and creeks today; which is good. I do not know how much actual precipitation we got here in Murray Valley because my electronic gauge does not  measure frozen precipitation; when the rain was heaviest, I registered 0.00 inches of rain. I would guess we got at least 0.75 inches. This morning the highest ice totals were at the high elevations. All roads around Parthenon and Jasper were pretty good; except in shady locations were the ice holds on.

I went to Jasper this morning to pick up some odds and ends at the hardware store; and, I took a few pictures along the way:


IMG_2980IMG_2908_tonemappedIMG_2959_tonemappedIMG_2969IMG_2941IMG_2934 copyIMG_2935



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Lost power and internet at 9:15 just as a strong thunderstorm passed over my weather station (circle with a crosshair inside) a 9:15 AM; lost powert for ~60 seconds. I posted the radar at that time below; temperature is still 31F. More this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 9.15.51 AM

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It started with light freezing rain late on Wednesday morning; then heavy snow about 12:30, maybe 2 inches in a 45 minutes. By 2 PM it was melted and a small amount of sleet started to fall. By 8 PM ice from sleet and freezing rain had accumulated to about 1/8″ on raised surfaces and the power lines appear fairly clear so far. Next about 10 PM heavy sleet began to fall, at times, mixed with freezing rain. That icing continued all night. At 5:45 AM this morning we had a heavy thunderstorm with moderate hail for about 20 minutes and freezing rain ever since.

At 8:30 AM this morning there appears to be about 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch of solid ice coating everything but the gravel driveway. Fed the birds – they can’t crack through the ice. Several deer have come to the bird feeders (their standby when they are hungry). Now at, 9AM the sleet has picked up again and we do have a Ice Storm Warning until 4 PM today. The temperature has stayed between 28F-31F for 24 hours now. It’s Thundering now ………….  See below:


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