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The temperatures are supposed to hover in the mid to upper 90s for afternoon highs starting tomorrow. We completely missed lout on all the rain this Friday and Saturday. It formed east of Newton County, Arkansas. Next chance appears to be next Saturday or Sunday. I am thankful for the rain we received so far this year, but we still need a little rain now and then throughout the summer. The photos show the beautiful coloring of a Red-headed woodpecker in flight including the numerous white wing and body feathers.

We got a few long range (100 yards from tree) photos of a pair of Red-headed woodpeckers feeding thier nestlings yesterday, but, we tried to capture them while in flight to and from the nesting hole (whioch can be seen in one photo). We used a Canon 50D with a 400mm f/5.6 lens (ISO 1600, Speed 1/2,500 of a second):


IMG_4158IMG_4184 IMG_4035 IMG_4120IMG_4072 IMG_4124 IMG_4125 IMG_4181 IMG_4180

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