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The photos of the owl appear different than those of the previous week’s Posts, so I think there is a pair; and it is the beginning of nesting season for Barred Owls in Arkansas. They also have a flight route pattern. The start in a large sweet gum tree that is not their nesting tree, then move to a sycamore tree with a dead branch to perch on, then on the a large short leaf pine with a long dead branch, then to a backyard bluebird house, then to a dead branch of an ancient red oak, then to a fence post in my garden, and finally on to another bluebird house on the “trail” then back to the sweet gum tree. The stay at each location for 5-10 minutes and scan the snow covered ground.

These photos were taken through a therm-o-pane sliding glass door (not clean) in very low light (high ISO), so are not clear at all. This is the last of this owl series unless I catch them in the open with a clear photo shot:


IMG_9863 IMG_9857 IMG_9894

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It was spring, then winter, now spring again (taken today early); it’s still cold, but the blooms are waitintg to POP:



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These photos are a week old now; from back when the sun used to shine (its been mostly cloudy for a week now and unseasonably cold too), 28F again this morning. These are of American Goldfinches just beginning to molt to yellow; with 5 weeks they will be bright yellow. The mourning cloak was in the snow at Richland Creek, two weeks ago. I took the Goldfinch photos in my yard with a telephoto lens about Feb 20th, 2013:

24690_354228157314_3223283_n 18845_310318517314_2204080_n


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Just a photo:


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First, a pair of Eastern Bluebirds check out a tree today; then just the male. Second, a male Northern Cardinal in the snow earlier in the week:







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She is leaving the brush in search of seeds. This photo was taken at way too slow a speed to stop her wings but her head is stationary. It is in the upper 20’s this morning in the mountains SW of Parthenon:

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Chance of rain then snow

The forecast today and tomorrow finally places a chance for snow (probably light) in our future. After the coming cold shot of air, it is supposed to get moderately warm again. We my get 1/4 to 1/2 inches of rain tonight. Great news !!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 9.05.53 AM

There is a slight chance of severe weather across Arkansas; highest chances are probably in eastern Arkansas.



..MO to arklatex and MS Delta regions... 
Band of low-topped convection with at least isolated to widely 
scattered embedded thunderstorms is forecast to develop in vicinity of surface cold front 
after dark between southern MO and East Texas. Activity will shift eastward across 
la/AR...portions western Tennessee and northern/western MS by end of period. Main 
threat is damaging wind. Despite apparent dominance of linear 
forcing...strong low-level shear and large hodographs are expected over 
narrow corridor of surface-based warm-sector inflow immediately 
preceding frontal passage. As such...sporadic tornado threat exists...whether 
with supercellular structures or qlcs circulations.

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