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The deer were out grazing and active last evening. It was warm and I had the sprinkler on; they were first curious about it and then got closer and closer to be sprayed and try to  drink. There was one large buck and 3 does and a fawn. I caught one doe making a 25-30+ foot leap and landing across the driveway, using a Canon 1DS with Canon EF 600L f/4.0 IS lens.







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Thanks to everyone who checks in or reads my Blog weekly. I really enjoy journaling natural events here in the mountains. Today, the final day of July, I woke up several times overnight to lightening and thunder but did not get a drop of rain. The evening batch went north near Alpena and finally through Harrison. The early morning batch went just south trough Edwards Junction and Deer and on southward. But at 4 PM, as I am writing this entry, it is thundering again, so, we’ll see.

A mother Doe and her fawn were grazing the the side yard early this morning and I surprised them with my camera; it’s the first time I have seen the fawn take off running “full steam” with long  jumps. Not the best photos but it was early and there was not much light to work with:




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I think they cleared a 25 feet wide brush patch:


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